A Selective Literature Review: Immigration, Acculturation, and Substance Abuse

Deborah McLean Leow, Marion Goldstein, Lisa McGlinchy, Education Development Center, Inc., 2006. Published through a grant from the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation.

Defining Substance Abuse in the Sudanese and Cambodian Refugee Communities

By Scott Gagnon and Amanda Lonsdale. September 2006, Office of Substance Abuse of Maine. Examines the stressors of resettlement as they relate to substance abuse in Maine.

Developing Refugee Foster Families: A Worthwhile Investment

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops/Migration and Refugee Services, BRYCS, 2004. A comprehensive discussion of the issues around placement of refugees into foster care.

Drug Prevention for Young Asylum Seekers and Refugees: A Review of Current Knowledge

Mary McCormack and Rowan Walker, December 2005, UK The paper includes a literature review summarising existing evidence in relation to young asylum seekers, refugees and drug use; an overview of present provision for asylum seekers and refugees at risk of substance misuse and an identification of gaps in our knowledge about asylum seekers, refugees and substance misuse.

Resilience of Refugee Children After War: Refugee Children and Families in the United States

This internet document is the executive summary of a report of the APA Task Force on the psychosocial effects of war. It reviews the research, identifies areas of culturally and developmentally appropriate research, and provides recommendations for practice.

Healthy People, Strong Communities: Are Newly Arrived Refugees at Risk of Substance Misuse?

Netzach Goren, Research Officer, Center for Youth Drug Studies, Australian Drug Foundation. October 2006. DrugInfo newsletter article describing risks for substance misuse in Australia.

Involving Refugee Parents in Their Children’s Education

Annotated Bibliography of resources on refugee parents, their children, and school. BRYCS

Language Interpretation and the Justice System

Antonio Moras, 2006. Published by the University of Alaska Justice Center, this article focuses on Alaska’s work to establish a language interpretation center to address the growing problem of needing interpretation in many languages for which there is no certification process.

Rapid Assessment of Substance Abuse and HIV Vulnerability in Kakuma Refugee Camp and Surrounding Community, Kakuma, Kenya

Professor Moruf L. Adelekan, M.D., (Nig), September 2006, Royal Blackburn Hospital, Blackburn, Lancashire, UK Review of alcohol production and consumption in Kakuma Camp, attendant risk factors for HIV, and beliefs about same among African refugees.

Refugee Economic Self-Sufficiency: An Exploratory Study…

Peggy Halpern, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, November 2008. An exploratory study to learn what factors and approaches contribute to refugee economic self-sufficiency and to ORR’s success in getting refugees employed.

Working with Refugee Children and Families: Update for Mental Health Professionals

2009 APA Task Force on the Psychosocial Effects of War on Children and Families Who Are Refugees From Armed Conflict Residing in the United States. Basic information on effective clinical practice.