The IRC Phoenix created 10 videos in different languages to help with Digital Literacy for refugees. These videos cover Computer Basics in 2 parts, distance learning for K-12, general distance learning, School websites, Internet safety, Google translate, Google maps, and Finding Information in 2 parts. Videos are available in ArabicDariEnglishKinyarwanda Spanish, and Swahili.

HIAS has created several multimedia and written resources including:

Switchboard as a Resource Round-up of Multilingual Tutorials on Zoom and Other Online Platforms and two blog posts on remote job readiness resources for clients with varying digital abilities.

  • International Rescue Committee RAI – Economic Empowerment Digital Literacy Series – The series includes videos on Phone Basics and Using the Internet; Understanding Accounts, Logins, and Passwords; Using an Email Account; How to Use Zoom, and Sharing your Screen. The full series is available in Arabic, Burmese, Dari, Spanish, and Swahili.

CORE has assembled a list of Resources for Digital Inclusion which can be found at the end of their Teaching Remotely page.

African Leadership Academy