Cultural Humility?

In this section, you will learn different strategies and things to keep in mind while working or interacting with refugees. At the end of this section, if you must show a certificate of completion, you will take a basic comprehension quiz covering the lessons.

Refugee Stories?

In this section you will hear first hand from refugees in Arizona. They will talk about their journey to the U.S. and how the support they received helped them make a new home in the U.S.

How to Get Involved?

In this section, you will find videos about different organizations you can volunteer with to support refugees. Each of these organizations play a vital role in supporting refugees and making them feel at home in this new country.


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Resettlement Post-Arrival

What happens once an individual or family arrives in Tucson.

The video below is a moving dramatization of the suddenness of trauma that forces people to flee their homes, from the point-of-view of a young girl. Each day is 1 second of the video.

Comprehension question: After how many years in the U.S. can a refugee apply for citizenship?

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