World Refugee Day in Phoenix

The Arizona World Refugee Day Planning Committee is calling all parties in the broader refugee community to submit videos to be featured in our virtual World Refugee Day celebration on June 20. Specific details about the virtual event will be shared in the coming weeks. The in-person celebrations have been postponed to the Fall.

Videos can be submitted by anyone in the Phoenix or Tucson communities and can be submitted in the individuals preferred language. We are looking for two types of videos detailed below.

Video Option One

Individuals can submit two to three minute videos highlighting any of the following:

  • Restaurant or Business
  • Musical Abilities
  • Dance Moves
  • Personal Story
  • Poetry
  • Cooking Skills
  • Family (locally or internationally)
  • Fashion
  • Crafts
  • Career
  • COVID-19 Efforts
  • More +

Video Option Two

Individuals can submit short video clips showing an individual or group of individuals saying “Happy World Refugee Day” in their native language.

Video Submission: Please include your name and country of origin in your submission. Additionally, please ensure that the videos have good light and sound quality. We ask that videos be submitted via either WhatsApp (480-536-2970) or email ( Email is preferable for large files and will maintain the quality of the video.

Unfortunately, we may not be able to use all videos and some videos may be cut short for length. Videos containing any form of profanity will not be included.

Submission Deadline: May 15