English Language Training

  • Who's Eligibile

    Who’s Eligible

    The Arizona Refugee Resettlement Program offers ELT classes to all eligible beneficiaries aged 18+. Eligible beneficiaries are defined as:

    • Refugees admitted under INA § 207
    • Asylees granted asylum under INS § 208
    • Cuban and Haitian Entrants as defined under 45 CFR § 401.2
    • Certain Amerasians
    • Adult Victims of Trafficking certified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Minor Victims of Trafficking
    • Special Immigrant Visa Holders
    • Permanent Residents who had held one of the above statuses in the past
  • How To Enroll

    How To Enroll

    To enroll in ELT classes offered though the Arizona Refugee Resettlement Program potential clients must be verified for Refugee Services though the Arizona Refugee Resettlement Program Online Database. To do so you may either:


    • Present at any of the Resettlement Agencies operating in Arizona and they can assist you collecting the correct documents and applying for services.
    • Contact RRP Directly at ctremel@azdes.gov (520-872-922) and they can assist you in obtaining the correct documentation & applying for services.


    By default all refugees and eligible beneficiaries who arrive to Arizona though a Resettlement Agency will be added into the Arizona Refugee Resettlement Program Online database and will have a referral made to the ELT provider operating in their county.  Once a referral is made to the ELT provider the client will be directed to attend the next testing sessions available to determine class placement levels and course schedule.

  • Phoenix Providers

    Phoenix Providers

    Friendly House:

    113 West Sherman Street

    Phoenix, AZ 85003

    sara.haghighi@friendlyhouse.org  │ www.friendlyhouse.org

  • Tucson Providers

    Tucson Providers

    Pima Community College

    4355 E Calle Aurora

    Tucson, AZ 85711


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