Refugee and Immigrant Service Provider Network of Tucson

RISP-Net was established in 2002 as a local advisory committee to a refugee family strengthening project in Tucson, Arizona. The coalition expanded its mission in 2005 to include all refugee groups in Tucson. It is currently comprised of more than 150 stakeholders from all systems serving refugees, including health care, public education, law enforcement, Department of Economic Security, resettlement agencies, public library, and refugees themselves. Its stated purpose is to to illuminate the issues impacting the successful acculturation of refugee families in Tucson, Arizona and to work collaboratively for positive systems change.

Bringing Real Change

This is the best example of a large coalition working collaboratively through its subcommittees for large-scale systems change. Tucson refugees join to plan and implement. It is responsive to emergent issues and is the “go-to” place for refugee information. Among its achievements are:

  1. Leveraging $60,000 from local businesses for refugee job development and a breakfast with employers and refugees explored needs and skills in this workforce.
  2. Proactive partnering with apartment managers where refugees live to stem the rising number of evictions
  3. Health needs assessment and the creation of a health provider education team to bridge cultural gaps.
  4. Developing/implementing a vocational ESL curriculum related to local employment.


La Frontera Arizona convene RISP-NET.


First name: Jacquelynn

Last name: Villa-Baze

Email: Jacquelynn.Villa-Baze@lafrontera.org


Tucson, AZ / USA

Meetings take place at the Patrick Hardesty Service Center
1100 S. Alvernon (NW cordner of Alvernon & 22nd. St.)

Quarterly–Click here to view the current schedule